Indexing Tools for Indian Citrus Ringspot Virus (ICRSV)


Indian citrus ringspot virus (ICRSV) is known to cause serious disease problem in Kinnow (Citrus nobilis Lour 􀀁 C. deliciosa Tenora). This paper reports the various methods viz. Bioassay, ELISA and RT-PCR for indexing of ICRSV. Bioassay was performed on Chenopodium amaranticolor, Cucumis sativus, Nicotiana glutinosa, N. tabacum, Petunia hybrida and Phaseolus vulgaris. However necrotic local lesions were observed only in case of Chenopodium amaranticolor and Phaseolus vulgaris. Infected trees were also found positive by indirect ELISA. RT-PCR of the infected plants showed an amplification of 539 bp fragment corresponding to coat protein gene and gene for nucleic acid binding protein.

Keywords: Kinnow, ICRSV, Bioassay, ELISA, RT-PCR.