Composition and Quality Standards of Naturally Derived Anti Tan Medicine

Rashmi Saxena Pal1, *, Yogendra Pal1, Pranay Wal1, Ankita Wal1, Nikita Saraswat1
1 Pranveer Singh Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

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Tanning nowadays due to pollution, stress, UV rays, and lifestyle has become a major skincare problem. Synthesis of a poly-herbal anti-tan formulation has been performed in this work, and it is evaluated on various parameters.


The present work is aimed at the synthesis of herb-based anti-tan medicine and the evaluation of its various parameters for its efficiency as well as stability.

Materials & Methods:

The herbal preparation was prepared in-house according to the proposed composition, using all the natural contents. The dye was evaluated for its different standards.


The values of various parameters certified the quality standards of the formulation. The parameters were found to be ample enough for the standardization of herbal medicinal formulation.


The prepared herbal pack was found to be appropriate according to all standards and can serve as a better alternative for treating tanning.

Keywords: Tan, Herb, Face, Derma, Evaluation, Melanin.