Industrial Wastewater: Health Concern and Treatment Strategies

The Open Biology Journal 02 Feb 2021 REVIEW ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/1874196702109010001


Water is a basic need for the functioning of all life forms that exist on earth. However, current water resources are being polluted by anthropogenic sources, which include social unit, as well as agricultural and industrial waste. People all over the world have concerns about the impact of effluent pollution on the atmosphere, which is increasing day by day. It is hard to purify wastewater before it flows into water reservoirs. Hence, the treatment of wastewater remains an essential need before it is allowed to enter natural water streams. Wastewater treatment is relatively a modern practice. This review will particularly discuss the ways of heavy metal ion removal from wastewater. The ultimate purpose of wastewater management is to improve the health of human and environmental aspects.

Keywords: Wastewater, Pollution, Health concern, Industrial waste, Wastewater treatment, Heavy metal.
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